Tuesday, April 12, 2016

National Audubon Society Membership Options

Licensed to practice in Rhode Island, Gayle Rebovich, MD leads the neurology department at Roger Williams Medical Center as division director. Gayle Rebovich, MD also makes time to fulfill her civic duties by contributing to charitable organizations, such as the National Audubon Society.

The National Audubon Society focuses on preserving and improving natural bird habitats. The organization relies on the generosity of the public to fulfill its mission and offers several options for contributing to the cause. Through membership, a person can help birds avoid loss of habitat and risk of climate change. Memberships are available for as low as $20. Donors receive a year subscription to the award-winning Audubon magazine, exclusive discounts, and correspondences related to the habitat conservation and birds. Memberships last one year and are renewable online.

The society also offers membership to the Cardinal Club. By joining the group, members commit to a monthly donation to the organization. Monthly donations begin at $10 and benefit advocacy and preservation initiatives. Cardinal Club members receive the same perks provided with annual membership. Further, they have the added benefit of visiting Audubon centers and sanctuaries. The facilities serve as a natural habitat for birds and wildlife and allow members to view them along trails.